Hi, I'm one of those annoying guys with a camera at parties. This account is primarily for publishing the photos I take of KAOS parties, battles, killing rounds and other events, but the occasional other set may slip in :) I do my best to identify everyone in the photos I take, but please feel free to comment with corrections or additions (see the 'name' keyword). If you'd like to 'quietly' request that a photo including you be removed or corrected my email address is You are welcome to use photos or portions of photos of yourself for any purpose, but other uses require permission from myself and possibly the others shown. Comment or use the email address above. For photos prior to 2009 see my LiveJournal galleries. [plug] I maintain these galleries as something of a public service, but if you are considering signing up for a SmugMug account please feel free to use my referral code (4J2oKxsfIWcNg) and get us both a discount on a years subscription :D [/plug]